In this review, we will discuss about the Provillus Hair Regrowth Formula that has been a hair saver for many men and women across the globe.

Have you ever experienced the pain of seeing a lot of hairs in your brush after brushing? Nothing is much devastating than seeing your lovely locks in your hands.

Most of the time we are not prepared to face this situation and this makes it even worse. The stress of losing hair makes nothing better, but in fact could be more harmful. While beautiful hairs are the symbol of charm in men’s personality, the lovely locks are considered as the women’s crown of beauty.

Whether you are male or a female, beautiful and thick hairs are the desire of everyone, as they add a lovely click to your personality. With hectic lifestyle and lack of nutritive foods in our daily lives, most of the men suffer from the hair fall issue before turning 30.

Unfortunately, this really hurts the most when you have lived all of your life with a head full of lovely locks.

You are fortunate enough if you have started noticing the hair loss in the early stages before your thick locks have started giving way to a bald patch.

Losing hair is a natural process and there is nothing good taking stress can do for you. If you want to deal with the hair loss issue in a mature way, it is time for you to try out a reliable product that can actually help in regaining your precious locks.

It is a normal count to lose around 100 hair strands per day, which we hardly notice. However, if your hair follicles are damaged the process of restoring the fallen hair stops, which in turn will destroy the hair life.

Even you try to keep your hair healthy, you couldn’t stop the appearance of bald patch or the widening of hair line. The common causes for losing hairs are hormonal imbalance, stress, supplements, certain treatments, rough hairstyles, or family history.

If you want to reverse your terrible hair loss process and revive your weak hair follicles, it is time for you to let Provillus enter in your life.

Provillus Review

Provillus is a popular substance used to control hair loss or initiate the regrowth of lost hair.

Buy Provillus hair loss product

In simple terms, Provillus is the miraculous product that can help you in treating hair loss. While there are many methodologies loaded all over the internet to stop hair loss or increase hair growth, but most of them didn’t work out in reality.

Also, market is full of many hair loss supplements and formulas, but the real question is are they really effective? If you tired of wasting your money on such scams and fake hair loss products, Provillus is the good news for you.

Provillus Hair regrowth formula is the only actual and effective remedy that you could have get in the market today. So with Provillus, you already have a solution in hand for growing your hairs.

Provillus is a combination of an oral supplement with a topical treatment to fight potentially against the hair loss. The formula of Provillus is FDA approved and it uses the hair loss treatment of Minoxidil along with Saw Palmetto and other herbs to block DHT.

This powerful combination will offer great hair results for both men and women. This product is especially designed to bring back your hair game. Provillus is very effective in bringing back your lost hair follicles within a very short span of time. It contains 5% of Minoxidil which is an essential block for the well-being and life of hair follicles.

Provillus is a special treatment that claims to reverse thinning hair and also reduce hair loss among people suffering from all kinds of baldness. The formula of Provillus is comprised of a mixture of vitamins and minerals as well as herbal extracts that allegedly helps in combating all hair loss problems.

It also contains an FDA ratified hair growth component called Minoxidil, which is its main active ingredient. The treatment of Provillus is equally beneficial for both men and women.

The oral solution along with a topical lotion will work along together to fight against all the causes of hair loss. The topical solution for men contains five percent and the women’s formula contains two percent of Minoxidil. The two formulas are distinctive according to the hair loss issues for both men and women respective.

Despite of being different in ratio of active ingredient, the Provillus formula is meant for just one objective, that is, to stop hair loss and promote regeneration of new hair stands.

How Does Provillus Works?

Provillus is used by applying it right away to the site where hair growth is needed. You can use it either in a dropper form or in a spray form. Provillus is especially made in two different formulas; one for men and one specifically designed for women.

Provillus works efficiently for male pattern baldness through its potent compounds of strong ingredients in which one of the most active ingredient is the FDA approved compound known as Minoxidil.

Minoxidil became an over-the-counter product back in 1996 as a 2% solution. By 1998, manufacturers of Provillus included it in its formula as a 5% solution.

Male pattern baldness usually comes from the hereditary or family genes, so if you have men in your family who show a balding pattern on the crown of the head, you should be mentally prepared to face the baldness either now or in the years to come.

The ingredients of Provillus have been clinically proven to grow hair in balding areas. As per the manufacturer, the reason of the Provillus worked for growing hair follicles was increased blood flow to the scalp area.

According to the clinical evidences the active ingredients in the oral solution of Provillus could help blocking DHT, which is the major hormone to cause male pattern baldness.

Before trying out any new product, it is obviously important for our readers to know how it works. In this review, we want to educate our readers about Provillus so that they can trustfully use the chemical substances in Provillus formulation.

In usual, Provillus is supposed to be applied to the area that has lost hair. There are two ways to apply the Provillus topical lotion on your target area. One is the application by using a dropper and second way is to apply using the spraying bottle.

The most interesting thing about Provillus, is it comes with two different formulas that are specifically designed considering the needs of both men and women respectively.

As for men, Provillus has been turned out as a great product to initiate the growth of hair on bald patches.

The main active ingredient, Minoxidil, is the power captain of these great results. Minoxidil was initially used for treating blood pressure; however later through clinical studies it was declared to be a perfect ingredient to be included in making the Provillus hair regrowth formula to help promote faster hair revival.  

Baldness is a genetic condition and thus cannot be dodged up. The only thing that a person can do is to control it and opt for the ways that can help in promoting hair growth. However, you don’t have to worry about it at all as the hair regrowth remedy by Provillus has made the hair loss issues more manageable and easier to combat with.

Minoxidil helps in increasing blood flow to the lost hair area and it helps in re-growing hair on both men and women’s scalp with its same mechanism.


Provillus is undoubtedly a life saver product for all those who are suffering from the pain of losing hairs.

It is certainly the best hair regrowth formula that helps in initiating the growth of new hair follicles and helps in combating the hair loss.

For our readers, we have shortlisted some of the remarkable pros of Provillus.

Check out below:

  • It helps in stopping hair fall.
  • The ingredients included in Provillus have been approved by the FDA, which makes it completely safe and legal to use.
  • There will be no surgical procedures needed to regrow new hair strands. The hairs will regrow naturally with Provillus.
  • It acts rapidly and you will be able to witness evident results in a few weeks of usage.
  • Provillus helps in increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles, thus facilitating hair regrowth.
  • It can be used with or without any specific prescription.
  • The formula is made up of all the natural ingredients and contains no toxic substances.
  • It is also helpful for the people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • It helps in eliminating baldness.
  • Provillus helps in promoting regrowth of new and fine hair.
  • It helps in making your hair strong and healthy.
  • It is reasonably priced and effective treatment as compared to other hair loss treatments in the market.
  • The product is equally beneficial for men and women of all ages with diverse hair types.
  • The Provillus treatment comes with a three-month money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if the product doesn’t work for you.
  • It is shipped in discreet packaging for privacy purposes.

While every product has some advantages and downsides at the same, it is important to describe the cons of Provillus for our readers so that they will be fully aware about their purchase.

Check out the few cons of Provillus below:

  • It can cause dizziness when overdosed.
  • There are no online stores like GNC, Walmart, Amazon, eBay or Walgreens to get the authentic product, as the genuine Provillus formula is only available on its official website.
  • It will take about 3 months to notice some evident results, so you have to be patient.
  • This treatment can be harmful for the people under specific medications or for pregnant women.

Provillus Ingredients: What’s inside it?

The major reason behind the popularity of Provillus is its FDA approved ingredients. It is also made in the USA in a cGMPA facility and all of Provillus batches are 3rd party tested.

Ingredients in provillus hair loss formula

The effective and natural ingredients included in the formulation of Provillus are listed below:


Most of the individuals face terrible hair loss due the lack of enough biotin. The complex vitamin B is very essential for the growth of hair, nails, and skin. Porvillus contains this special vitamin to assist in promoting hair growth.


This is the heroic ingredient in the Provillus topical solution formula that is common in many topical hair loss treatments. Minoxidil is a chemical compound that is approved by FDA, which makes it absolutely safe to use. It works by broadening hair follicles and increasing the growth of new hair strands.

Minoxidil also helps in halting the production of DHT, which is the hormone responsible for causing alopecia and reverses its effects. It can be considered as the prime ingredient of Provillus, as it helps greatly in getting rid of hair loss causes and changes your head appearance in a short span of time.


The lack of magnesium can also cause hair loss. This ingredient is also present in the Provillus treatment for the promotion of hair growth.

Pumpkin Extract

This natural ingredient helps in preventing shrinkage of your hair and assist in improving hair growth.

Muira Puama

It helps in improving hormone production and stops hair loss.

Vitamin B6

This ingredient helps in stopping steroid hormones such as DHT from binding to their receptors. As a result, it obstructs the damaging effects of DHT on hair follicles and helps in promoting the growth of new hair.

Eleuthera Strain

It helps in making the skin firm and it also heals stomachaches.


This ingredient helps in preventing the formation of the DHT. It also helps in developing new fibers in bald areas.


It assists in supporting hi bulbs and the hair itself. It also initiates the coloring of your scalp.

Palmetto Saw

This is also one of the important ingredient in Provillus hair regrowth supplement. Once you will take the Provillus pills, this ingredient will help put a stop to hair loss. In some scenarios, it also helps in reducing or healing headaches.


It is one of the prime ingredients of Provillus, which is very essential to regrow hair on the affected areas.

Para-amino Benzoic Acid

This ingredient is a significant one when it comes to talk about body’s capability of dealing with most signs related to aging including wrinkles, hair graying, and retarding.

As we all know that hair loss also sometimes comes because of aging. This ingredient addresses the aging factor and helps in preventing the loss of hair.

The blend of these natural ingredients works greatly together to strengthen hair roots and regrow new hair.

Benefits of Provillus

Provillus is an amazingly effective product to revive the hair’s life for both men and women.

provillus before and after results

While we already know many details about the Provillus formula, following are some benefits that are important to get listed in our review.

Rapid results

Many positive customer reviews of Provillus have clearly shown that the product is quite effective. The testimonials of genuine users have shown that Provillus take effect even with the first month of usage.

Safe and Effective

While most of the hair treatment formulas come along with quite a long list of side effects, Provillus is somewhat different. It has been used for quite some time now and there have been no associated side effects or negative effects reported by its users.

Controls blood pressure

As hypertension as become one of the major issues in men and women that usually comes with aging, it is important to take control over it. Hypertension is also linked with cardiac issues and other chronic disease. Therefore, if you are a victim of both, high blood pressure and baldness, Provillus is an ideal choice for you to ever pick for yourself.

Convenient to use

Provillus is very easy and simple to use. It can be easily sprayed on the affected bald areas to get the required results.

Is Provillus safe to use?

Provillus hair regrowth formula is absolutely safe to use, as all the ingredients in it are FDA approved.

However, it is always recommended to consult your physician before started using any oral supplements. You can achieve the best and risk-free results by Provillus by carefully following the instructions by the manufacturer.

To avoid any harmful effects, it is best to follow the recommended dosage as described on the pack.

Provillus Side Effects

The manufacturers have clearly stated that the more is not better when it comes to the usage of Provillus formula.

It is clearly mentioned that the users should not exceed the recommended dosage because the over dosage could cause negative side effects.

Though, the Provillus formula is highly effective due to Minoxidil, you have to continue its usage if you want to enjoy the benefits of hair growth.

As such, there are no worth mentioning side effects of Provillus, as the formulation is all based on naturally based ingredients. But, it is better to use it carefully because overdose can cause problems.

In case of over dosage, users may experience difficulty in breathing, swelling on lips or tongue, dizziness, feeling of light headedness, and warm or red skin if you are allergic to Minoxidil or any other ingredients present in Provillus.

These side effects are mild and have only been reported by few users who have mistakenly took more than the indicated dose. If you have overdose the product, its better to consult your doctor right away before experiencing any serious side effects.

How to Use Provillus?

Provillus is an easy to use 2-Part system formula that can help you revive your radiant hair. You have to simply take its all-natural supplement once a day. Then you can spray the topical solution directly onto the problem areas.

No need for massaging with Provillus, as it is super absorbent and can does all the work without massaging. Unlike other topical treatments, Provillus Minoxidil spray goes on clear and absorbs rapidly on the scalp.

Also, it is odorless and doesn’t comes with any bad smell. With the perfect pair of topical spray and supplement, you can safely transform your hair without any hassle with short span of time.

Where to Buy Provillus?

You can easily purchase Provillus from their official website.

Order provillus from the official website only

It is the safest way of buying Provillus, as there you will get different packages and deals depending on how long you wish to use this combination.

There are discounts on the different deals that are available for both men and women. You can save more as by buying these packages. Following are the packages offered on their official website:

Package 1: 1 pack of Provillus for women is 1 month supply that you can buy at the price of $ 59.95.

Package 2: You can buy 2 packages of Provillus for women and get 1 absolutely free. In this deal you will get 3 packages that is three month supply, at the price of $ 39.96 each.

Package 3: You can buy 3 packages of Provillus for women and get 3 packs absolutely free. In this deal you will get 6 packages that is six month supply, at the price of $ 29.97 each. This is the most popular package.

Package 4: 1 pack of Provillus for men is 1 month supply that you can buy at the price of $ 47.95. This is 20% discount on monthly subscription plan.

Package 5: You can buy 2 packages of Provillus for men and get 1 absolutely free. In this deal you will get 3 packages that is three month supply, at the price of $ 33.30 each.

Package 6: You can buy 3 packages of Provillus for men and get 2 packs absolutely free. In this deal you will get 5 packages that is five month supply, at the price of $29.97 each. This is the best value package.

The official site of Provillus also offers a whopping 90-days money back guarantee, which makes it a total win-win situation for the Provillus users.

In case, if the product doesn’t work for you, you can easily get your money back by returning the remaining unused product.

Provillus – Final Verdict

Hairs is the crown of the beautiful personality and everyone wants to have fuller hair to enhance their appearance.

Provillus is the great product for those who are noticing the hair falling out after brush. Provillus is an advanced hair loss treatment and is quite distinctive from the other bogus hair loss treatments available in the market. It offers real world results to its users with its clinically proven regrowth technology.

So, if you are embarrassed by your hair loss and wants to fight back to regain your fuller head hair with renewed confidence and youthfulness, Provillus is the definitely the right choice for you.

In short, the natural ingredients and authenticated formula of Provillus is worth the hype.

So I would definitely recommend my readers to go ahead and buy Provillus, as it comes with money back guarantee and is an effective hair loss product.